How To Get In Touch With Your Inner Being

How To Get In Touch With Your Inner Being


I know deep inside how important it is for you to get in touch with your Inner Being!

Because if you don’t, it means that your life will be controlled by other people and situations, rather than by what is true for you.

How do you get in touch with your Inner Being? How can you self-partner in a way where you are able to meet and be with your Inner Being in a healthy way?

In today’s Thriver TV episode, I take you on this journey of how to integrate and connect back with yourself, in ways where you will be able to create your True Self and True Life.



Video Transcript

I hope by now you understand just how important it is to get in touch with your Inner Being.

Because if you are not, you will be pulled out of your centre by people and situations, and start living their life, rather than your own.

Your Inner Being is your guide and truth.

So how do you get in touch with your Inner Being?

I’m going to explain to you exactly how you do that in today’s video.

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Right, on with today’s episode!

How it’s Normal to Not Be in Touch With Your Inner Being

It is frighteningly normal not to be in touch with your Inner Being. But in no way is this natural.

I completely and utterly believe that our essential nature is to be at one with ourselves, and then have the capacity to be at one with others and all of life.

So how did we get disconnected from ourselves?

It happened as a result of trauma. Because of taking on the impregnated beliefs that we are defective and damaged, and that we are not loved as we are and that we have to earn our way to love and acceptance.

And of course, there have been incredible atrocities in the collective human history that have created intense anxiety, fear and depression.

Because of this, it can be terrifying to go inside. Who would want to settle into an inner landscape that resembles a war zone?

Naturally, this created us as beings trying to find salvation outside of ourselves. Yet no matter how many possessions we accumulate, or beauty treatments that we may have, or people who we may have intimate and sexual relationships with, the same problem remains.

“I don’t feel at one with myself.”

“I can’t be with myself in times of need and self soothe and bring myself to wholeness.“

Which of course means, … “I have to try to keep medicating with something outside of myself to try to feel sane and okay.”

Can you see the terrible trap that most of humanity has been stuck in throughout the centuries?

The Mistake Most People Make

I feel really compelled to talk about this because this is exactly what I used to do too.

Because we have been indoctrinated into systems that attempt to manage symptoms, rather than healing ourselves deeply at our core, it’s no wonder that we have tried to get in touch with our Inner Being (if we were courageous enough) in a really painful way – whilst we are battling our trauma and its unregulated emotions and thoughts.

This is like trying to sail a ship that has holes in its hull and continually having to bail it out, rather than being able to just healthily sail forward.

I used to be addicted to self-development, meaning that every morning I would meditate, say affirmations, chant, do journaling and yoga – all sorts of things to try to be at one with my Inner Being.

Absolutely these things helped, but the problem was I continually needed to do these things. If I didn’t then the anxiety, fears and depression would all come back.

It was exhausting!

What I was really doing was attempting to manage my Inner Being.

I wasn’t healing it.

When I finally did heal it for real with Quanta Freedom Healing (NARP), no longer did I have to do hours of self-managing. Eventually there was simply less and less trauma existing inside of me to try to manage.

I have seen the same happen for other people, even those who once declared, just as I did, “What? More inner work? I have been doing self-development for decades and I’m still not healed!”

I promise you that when you finally do free your Inner Being from trauma, you will come home to being able to be with your Inner Being without effort. It will feel peaceful and normal for you to be there.

How to REALLY Come Back Home to Your Inner Being

There is only one way to achieve this – by directing your attention inside your body and working and dealing directly with your emotions.

Not in a way that you judge yourself.

Not in a way that you get taken out by your emotions and spiral into even greater fear, anxiety and depression.

But, in a way where you can be your own saviour. Meaning be the person in your life (and you are the only person who can be) who will rescue you from these impregnated traumas and beliefs that are not Who You Are.

I want you to imagine this. If you had a home that was filled with parasites or vermin that were destroying it, would you face this? Of course, you would do all that you can to have your house cleansed and released from these invaders.

I promise you that your Inner Being is no different. If you have accumulated trauma from your family DNA history, your childhood, and the repeat patterns and traumas that have continued to show up in your life as an adult, then you may have reached toxic overload.

This is when life is getting worse not better.

This is when you are dissolving rather than evolving.

This is why you are disintegrating, rather than integrating back home to yourself.

There is only one solution for this. Clean up the toxic overload.

I promise you with all my heart that my previous levels of toxic trauma within my Inner Being, that caused my emotions and thoughts to be broken and irreparable, meant that unless I had got rid of my toxic overload, I would never have recovered.

That’s exactly what (thank goodness) I learned how to do.

Once I had released myself from this inner toxicity, I discovered I could reside with my Inner Being as my best friend, lover, healer, confidant and supporter. It became easy and healthy for me to hang out inside myself.

So, I cannot recommend enough, stop trying to come back home to yourself when your inner landscape is uninhabitable.

What is really necessary is to face and meet the inner parts of you that are traumatised to release them and reprogram them.

Then, the constant battle is over!

Yes, of course, this is challenging and even terrifying. But what choice do we have, if we truly want to go free into peace, happiness and success? These things can only be generated from within.

If you are really ready, and know that you need to come home to your Inner Being, I want you to pause this video and write below, “Inner Being – (use an endearing term such as sweetheart or darling) I am COMING to you!!”

So, I hope that this has helped. Profoundly.

I know that I’ve been explaining this to you, in so many different ways. Maybe this is the episode that really clicks into place for you.

If you are ready to take this journey with me, back home to yourself and your Inner Being, I’d love you to join me by clicking this link. 

I can’t wait to help you achieve this!

And as always, I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.



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