Following the Death of Her 6-Year-Old Son While in the Care of His Abusive Father – Mom Says ‘Absolutely No One in Authority was Helpful’ 

Corey Micciolo, 6, was allegedly killed by his abusive father, Christopher J. Gregor, 29, of Barnegat Township. Facing charges that he endangered Corey weeks earlier, Gregor appeared via video from Ocean County jail on Friday morning for a detention hearing on the second-degree charge and was ordered released by Superior Court Judge Wendel E. Daniels.  

Security camera footage submitted to the court as part of the investigation shows 6-year-old Corey running on a treadmill and Gregor speeding up the machine, according to court documents.

The boy could not keep up with the faster pace and fell, the investigator wrote. Gregor picked him up and placed him back on the treadmill, only for the child to fall again, according to the investigator. This continued a few more times, with the child falling each time, the investigator continued, adding that Gregor appeared to bite the boy on the head at one point while placing him back on the treadmill.

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