‘I will kill anybody that associates themselves with you’ Deadly Threats Ignored by Judge Results in Double Murder Suicide

Rest in peace, Ryan Lee. His mother Jaime Hunnicutt did everything she could to try to prevent this tragedy, and Judge Lisa Louise Broten of Howard County, Maryland sealed her family’s fate by denying a permanent restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. Our hearts go out to the grieving family and the grandchildren, who lost their innocent loved ones.

This incredible reporting by Kendall Green from WMAR2 News in Baltimore demonstrates how the news media should be covering these tragic cases. Not only does this coverage include the expert opinions of a DV expert, video of the mother’s handwritten petition for a restraining order (which is a direct indication of lethality for those familiar with Jacqueline Campbell’s Lethality Assessment Survey, with mentions of strangulation, choking, threats to kill her family, threats with a firearm, etc), the online article also includes audio of Judge Lisa Broten flippantly dismissing this mother’s detailed and direct pleas for protection.

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